St. Elizabeth Ministry

St. Elizabeth Ministry is an international movement whose goal is to respect all life, cherish children, encourage families, enrich marriages, and build community. Based on the visitation story of Mary and Elizabeth in Luke’s Gospel, it is one of the most profound examples of sharing faith in all of scripture. The sanctity of life and power of the Spirit is revealed in the common sharing of these two women.

Following the example of Mary and Elizabeth, at St. Mary’s we pray for the sacredness of life as part of our St. Elizabeth Ministry. If you are pregnant or are someone who has recently given birth, or will soon give birth, and would like to be added to our prayer list, please call Bette Ross at St. Mary’s Parish Office at 803.649.4777, ext 101 or email We will include their names on our prayer list, which is available to all on our website.

Additionally, if you would like to explore other ways to expand the St. Elizabeth Ministry at St. Mary’s, please contact Bette Ross at the Parish Office.