Heartfelt Gratitude

06-02-2019Pastor's LetterRev. Gregory B. Wilson, VF

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

How do you sufficiently thank someone who has served faithfully for so long? As our school year comes to a close for our beloved St. Mary’s School, we are immensely grateful to Cathy Green, Office Manager and School Secretary, who is retiring after thirty years of dedicated service. Yes, thirty years! Generations of children remember Mrs. Green, who not only ran the office, but often acted as nurse, counselor, referee, and more for countless students over the years. She has given herself generously in so many ways and will always be a part of our school. Please be sure to thank Mrs. Green for her incredible dedication to our school!

Note that, beginning next week, the 12:30pm Mass in Spanish will be celebrated in the (new) church. Now, our entire parish will worship on Sundays under the same roof!

The response for the columbarium has been so great that we are able to move forward. How wonderful that we will be able to provide a beautiful space in close proximity to the church so that people will be able to inter their loved ones! Once the contract is finalized, we will have a good sense of when the project will be completed.

Finally, beginning Monday we happily welcome Nicholas Shiver, our summer seminarian. Below you will find a few words of introduction from Nick. Be sure to give him a warm, St. Mary’s welcome!

As always, let us pray for each other.
Father Wilson