The Year of St. Joseph – Dec 8, 2020 - Dec 8, 2021

This weekly column will give you some information about St. Joseph to ponder and discuss throughout the year. Get to know Joseph!

Read Pope Francis' the Apostolic Letter “Patris corde” (“With a Father’s Heart”) here.

Models of Love & Service

07-25-2021Year of St. Joseph

Blessed Gabriele Allegra: “Fathers and mothers of families have in St. Joseph and St. Anne models of love and service to the Queen of Heaven.”


Graceful Stewards

07-18-2021Year of St. Joseph

Blessed William Joseph Chaminade: “The Eternal Father shares with St. Joseph the authority which he has over the Incarnate Word, just as God shared with Adam his authority over creatures.”

To think about: We all have authority over something. It might be over our children or workers in our job, or it might be “just” things such as your house or car. All these people and things have been given to each of us from the Lord to care for in His name; we are stewards. Do we care for those people under us and the things we own as God (who has the true authority) would want us to?

Model of Humility

07-11-2021Year of St. Joseph

Pope Blessed Paul VI: “St. Joseph is the model of those humble ones that Christianity raises up to great destinies.”

To think about: We all know people who seem unimportant to the world, but they made a big difference in our lives. Think about some of these people and how they helped you. All the people we meet every day – as well as everyone in our family, and ourselves – have great destinies. God has given each of us a mission. Think about the great things the “regular” people in your life have done, and remember those people in your prayers.


07-04-2021Year of St. Joseph

Pope St. John Paul II: At the workbench where he plied his trade, together with Jesus, Joseph brought human work closer to the mystery of redemption.


Just Like Us

06-27-2021Year of St. Joseph

Pope Francis: “St Joseph experienced moments of difficulty, but he never lost faith and was able to overcome them, in the certainty that God never abandons us.”

To think about: Sometimes we think of saints as never having doubts or difficulties, but the saints were just like us. When you feel confused or alone, or when you have difficulties, remember that even those close to Jesus experienced the same, and turn to Joseph for help.

06-20-2021Year of St. Joseph

Pope Leo XIII: “In Joseph … heads of the household are blessed with the unsurpassed model of fatherly watchfulness and care.”

To think about: Many parents find the job difficult. Parents can remember that Joseph had to protect, teach, and perhaps discipline the child Jesus. Parents can look to Joseph for guidance as they care for their children. Joseph can be a patron for families who do not have a father in the home; go to Joseph and ask him to help you in this important job.

We Belong

06-13-2021Year of St. Joseph

St. Leonard of Port Maurice: “All Christians belong to Joseph because Jesus and Mary belonged to him.”

To think about: Joseph cared for Jesus when He was hurt, taught Him his trade, and protected Him. We can also go to Joseph when we have a need, knowing that Joseph will guide us as well. Our stained glass windows that include Joseph depict him caring for Jesus and Mary - you can use them as a starting point for prayer.

Obedience to the Father

05-30-2021Year of St. Joseph

St. Francis de Sales: “What a dignity to be the guardian of our Lord, and, not only that, but to be even his reputed father, to be the husband of his most holy Mother!”

St. Madeline Sophie Barat: “The two greatest personages who ever lived on this earth subjected themselves to [St. Joseph].”

Something to think about: We sometimes have a hard time doing what we are asked – especially when we think we have a better idea on how to do things. We also have a hard time being corrected. Jesus “was obedient to” Mary and Joseph (Luke 2:51), even as he grew up!

Emboldened by the Holy Spirit

05-23-2021Year of St. Joseph

St. Francis de Sales: “What a dignity to be the guardian of our Lord, and, not only that, but to be even his reputed father, to be the husband of his most holy Mother!”

To think about: Sometimes we feel burdened by our vocation in life, by our mission. Today, think about how the Lord has honored us by asking us to participate in the salvation of others (and of the world). He is relying on us! Like the apostles he had honored us by using us to spread the Gospel in our own little circle. Praise God! Today we celebrate Pentecost, the great event that emboldened the apostles to preach fearlessly. Let’s share the joy of the Gospel with those we meet this week.

Following Mary's Lead

05-16-2021Year of St. Joseph

Blessed Gabriele Allegra: “St. Joseph sweetly and continuously stimulates us to love, serve, and imitate the Queen of his heart, the Immaculate Mother of Jesus.”

To think about: Fr. Benedict Groeschel used to say that it must have been hard for St. Joseph to live with the Son of God and a sinless woman – if there was ever a disagreement he would be wrong, and this may be why in scripture he didn’t say a word. In truth, Joseph probably did follow Mary’s lead in many things. We should also love Mary and imitate her in her love of Jesus.

Support of Mother and Child

05-09-2021Year of St. Joseph

St. Teresa of Avila was a great advocate of devotion to St. Joseph. “I do not know how one can meditate on the care which the Blessed Virgin took of the Divine Child, without thanking St. Joseph for the care he likewise took of both the mother and the Child.”

To think about: Joseph protected and cared for Jesus Christ and Mary. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the care of children we forget about the care of the parents. When you are praying for the children in your life, remember to also pray for the mutual support of the parents and an increase in their ability to work together on parenting issues.

Guardian of the Church

05-02-2021Year of St. Joseph

Venerable Pope Pius XII wrote “If Joseph was so engaged, heart and soul, in protecting and providing for that little family at Nazareth, don’t you think that now in Heaven he is the same loving father and guardian of the whole Church, of all its members, as he was of its Head on earth?”