St. Mary's Events & Announcements

Perpetual Adoration

Please help! We have an urgent need for an adorer Sun night at 12:00 midnight. Please click here for this or a different hour.


Altar Flower Donations

Donating altar flowers is a simple, lovely way to honor a loved one, glorify God, and add beauty to the altar. Flowers can be donated in honor of a living person, memory of someone who has died, in celebration of an anniversary or other milestone, or in thanksgiving for friends or family. You can choose any week or have an open week chosen for you.


Freely, Totally, Faithfully!

The love shared between a husband and wife is given freely, totally, and faithfully, with the potential to bring new life. Some summarize this as “babies and bonding.” Natural Family Planning (NFP) respects the dual love-giving and life-giving dimensions of marriage in a way that contraception cannot.