Altar Servers

"You have the enormous privilege of being close to the altar, close to the Lord."

Pope Benedict

Altar Server's Prayer

  • Oh Jesus, my King and Lord,
  • by the grace of the heavenly Father
  • and the power of the Holy Spirit,
  • guide me in all righteousness
  • as I serve You today at the Altar
  • so I may be always worthy of Your presence.
  • If I happen to make an error,
  • may it be a lesson
  • so my service will be perfect tomorrow.
  • Jesus, I love you with all my heart. Amen.

2018 Training Schedule

Altar Server Educator Meeting Altar Server Training
6:00-7:00pm Downstairs, Smith Hall 6:30pm, Church
Sat, Jan 20 Mon, Jan 21
Sat, Feb 24 Sun, Feb 25
Sat, Mar 24 Sun, Mar 25
no meeting in April Sun, Apr 22
Sat, May 19 Sun, May 20

For more information, call Greg Hightower at 803-649-1931.