The Year of St. Joseph – Dec 8, 2020 - Dec 8, 2021

This weekly column will give you some information about St. Joseph to ponder and discuss throughout the year. Get to know Joseph!

Read Pope Francis' the Apostolic Letter “Patris corde” (“With a Father’s Heart”) here.

Family as a place of Safety

02-28-2021Year of St. Joseph

From John Paul II’s Redemptoris Custos: Pope St. John Paul writes that Joseph enjoyed great intimacy with Mary and Jesus in their family. The Pope goes on to say that the true meaning of family is “to guard, reveal, and communicate love.”

To think about: How well do we guard, reveal, and communicate love to each other in our family? What does that even mean? Think about how a family would “guard, reveal, and communicate love.” In today’s social media world, often people share too much about themselves and others. A family should be a place where we feel safe and protected – and not only physically.