Suffering Leads to Easter Glory

05-24-2020Pastor's LetterFather Gregory Wilson

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

While it was wonderful to see actual faces as I looked out from the altar this past week, I know most of you remained on the other side of the camera lens. You still always remain very much in my heart and at the heart of our whole parish. I realize that not being physically present at Mass is a spiritual burden for all true disciples. We remain, however, no less connected, joined in one glorious faith as true brothers and sisters through the holy waters of Baptism. And, this will pass.

If you find yourself suffering, realize how powerful your suffering is. You truly have something powerful to offer, even if you are watching Mass live. Recall: Holy Mass is the offering of Jesus Christ the Son, to God the Father, in and through the Holy Spirit. We are bound to Jesus, the Head. You and I join in the Sacrifice of the Cross through Mass in order to arrive at the Resurrection. “Jesus didn’t die so that we wouldn’t have to go through the messy inconvenience of dying ourselves. … Jesus died and rose so that we might share in his death and resurrection. The head suffered so that his body and each member could participate in his sufferings” (Peter J. Leithart, 3/9/2018).

I’m glad to report we were able to keep recommended distance at Masses over the weekend. Most people heeded the call to wear a mask. The largest Mass was 8:30am with 131 people, and we never used St. Angela Hall. Of course, more reliable numbers will be measured over the next weeks. It also reflects the fact that a great portion of our St. Mary’s family find themselves in the at-risk group and are taking a little extra time at home until it is safer. Be sure to follow our Facebook page and peruse our website’s homepage for the most current updates.

Monday, May 25, we celebrate our parish’s name day (transferred from May 24 since it fell on Sunday this year): the Solemnity of Mary, Help of Christians. On the same day, our country celebrates Memorial Day, the day when we give thanks and pray for all those who were in service to our nation, and who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. As on all civic holidays, Mass will be at 9:00am (Recall, for now all Masses are in the new church.)

Although Perpetual (24-hour) Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament continues to be suspended, the Bishop has allowed parishes to offer times of Adoration. We at St. Mary’s are truly blessed to have Old St. Mary’s, which gives us the opportunity to have lots of space for Adoration. Currently, we have begun Adoration daily from 7:00am – 7:00pm in Old St. Mary’s. Please enter through the side door with the ramp. Materials are available to sanitize where you sit before and after your visit.

Hang in there! Let us pray for each other and the whole world.

Father Wilson