Seeking the Light of Truth

01-06-2019Pastor's LetterRev. Gregory B. Wilson, VF

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

First, a farewell. After several years of devoted service, Deacon Pat Mongan and his wife Ellen are moving to their new home in Florida. We have been greatly enriched by their presence here at St. Mary’s. Hopefully, they will have one last Sunday with us so that we can say a proper farewell. May Godrichly bless them and their family. Thank you, Deacon Pat and Ellen!

Our parish youth will present a Living Nativity at the church before the 5:00pm Mass on January 6, so arrive a bit early. If you are attending Mass earlier, you can always come back just for the Nativity.

“What is truth?” asked Pontius Pilate to Jesus. The question of truth is something our world wrestles with every day. From a reflection by Fr. James Kurzynski of the Diocese of La Crosse:

“Truth is found in an infant who is far more than an infant. … Truth is found in Jesus Christ and, in this discovery, we receive an invitation to do far more than accept a chain of rational arguments to prove that something exists. We are invited to enter a new journey in which we find truth, goodness, beauty, faith, hope, and love through a relationship that transcends any type of human bond we can imagine. We are called to find a relationship that is like a well of water that never runs dry, a drink from that well which never leaves us thirsty, bread that feeds us in a way that never leaves us hungry, and a bond of love whose permanence transcends this world and binds us to an eternal love that can only come from the source of all things. …

“Every aspect of creation is pointing to the coming of the source and summit of all creation. Whether it be Natural Reason or Divine Revelation, all of the avenues of truth at the time of Jesus' birth pointed to the source of all truth. These two "wings" that allow our soul to ascend to God remind usthat this journey is not limited to an elite class of people, but is accessible to everyone, according to his or her ability, to enter into a relationship with the source of truth. Therefore, whether you're a ‘Magi’ who seeks for truth through natural reason, a ‘Shepherd’ who is responding to a call from beyond, or a little bit of both, we all find ourselves on a journey, traveling different paths, leading to the same end: The God who is our Source and Summit.

“Are you more of a ‘Magi,’ gravitating toward natural reason? Are you a ‘Shepherd’ who is compelled by Divine Revelation? Or are you a little bit of both? Let us remember as we celebrate Epiphany that our faith calls us to embrace the fact that both faith and reason are necessary for the soul to ascendto God. And in that ascent, may we come to know the source of our journey as we continue to celebrate the feast of the Incarnation.”

Merry Little Christmas!
Father Wilson