Workshop on Marriage and Annulments

9:00am - 11:15am Parish Activities

Who should attend?

  • Those who want more information about the annulment process.
  • Those who are divorced and remarried outside the Church.
  • Those married outside the Church because one of the spouses was married previously.
  • Those contemplating marriage to a divorced person
  • Anyone who would like to know more about the annulment process.


A marriage can be declared invalid by the Church for many reasons; thus permitting an annulment (Declaration of nullity). Note: An annulment does not render your childrenillegitimate.

This workshop is open to all interested; consider inviting a friend who may be in one of the situations described.

Presenters from the Diocese of Charleston Office of the Tribunal:

  • Valerie Maxineau, JCL, Director / Judge
  • Rev. C. Thomas Miles, JCL, Judicial Vicar

*Presenters will remain afterwards to answer questions.

For more information, contact Mary Ellen Jackson at or 803-642-2676